Genmoics for Internet of Living Things using MinION

Image holding hands to depict Genmoics for Internet of Living Things using MinION banner

We discussed about MinION previously that this pocket-fit device which can connect to your laptop and cost less than $1000 is a game changer in next generation sequencing. The desktop version of it PromethION also takes a notable mention here. However these devices do not end with just next generation sequencing but the big picture is to build an “internet of living things” (IoLT).

Miniaturizing of sequencing devices help to monitor living things. Sensors are placed in or on the body to monitor wild and domesticated livestock or monitor patients’ vital signs. Everything from food production equipment to water bodies to farms has DNA-reading sensors: MinIon which will read the individual DNA strands that pass through pores which causes change in ion current that is applied through the pore. Software within interprets this sequence of currents into nucleic acids (A, T, G and C) components. The data is streamed on to cloud to which number of researchers, doctors and scientists are connected giving analysis of users’ biological data.

Data analytics companies can provide information on the type of species of microbes by matching reads to the DNA sequences of species that is already stored in the syndicate. This increases the availability of data for research making way for quick treatment of a disease. Chronic ailments can be detected early on and treated. Healthcare becomes more accessible at remote areas. It also helps in better health decisions by allowing us to learn and tweak our lifestyle choices studying the DNA.

Holding lot of promises IoLT is the genomic technology ready to revolutionize world.

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