Genomic Analytics for Healthcare

Image with hand touching pulse on computer for Genomic Analytics for Healthcare banner

Miniaturization of sequencing devices and other advances has led to an avalanche of genomics data. There is a flood of medical data which may carry lot of information which is disconnected from the patients as well as healthcare professionals just for a reason that ways to collate and comprehend such huge volume of data are uncharted.

To interpret this genomics data today requires highly trained bioinformaticians and a sophisticated clinical back end. An AI genomics initiative called Watson Health Imaging Clinical Review is now in place to analyze the genomics data generated. Medical centers, leading health systems, imaging technology companies and radiology providers have come together to design Watson Health Imaging Clinical Review.

It provides for data summarization and physician support to guide medical interpretation process through its various modules. Watson Health uses functional imaging to diagnose diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other diseases related to the heart and brain.

This helps care givers get an enhanced insight into patient condition and also provide personalized care from notes made earlier on from a similar case. It takes precision medicine a notch higher by personalized treatment approaches and aims to address the world’s burning health challenges.

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