Genomics in Precision Medicine

Image of medicine to depict Genomics in Precision Medicine banner

Recent advances in the field of genomics have catapulted global health to a new high with great deal of progress made in medicine. Innovation in medical technologies and solutions is now possible due to next generation DNA sequencing (NGS). Because of NGS complete human genome sequencing is possible which has written a new era in personal genomics. Various disease can be now be diagnosed at DNA level also the relevant drug is determined based on the DNA sequence. This field of science is called Pharmacogenomics.DNA sequencing research is vital in diagnosing critical illness, neurological, and mitochondrial disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and in neonatal screening.

Medical treatment has always taken “one-size-fits-all” approach. This has not yielded fruitful results in cancer screening or treatment and many other illnesses. Next-Generation Sequencing-based profiling tests for mutations in multiple genes. Like this there is no need for multiple tests, and yet we have comprehensive view to provide tailored therapies. Taking a leap with NGS like this is called Precision Medicine.

Precision Medicine takes into account people’s genes, environment setting and lifestyles. The medicine or the treatment is tailored based on people’s DNA sequence, health history and lifestyle adaptations.

Scientists, doctors and pharmacist community have come together to create a new disease taxonomy based on molecular definitions and define precision medicine that treat them. Each patient can now benefit from the specially designed therapeutic care. Creation of drugs or medical devices which are unique to a patient has lead to customization of healthcare that has built up the capacity of treatments.

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